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Minimalistic daily planner app for Android. Designed to increase productivity by elegantly organising your daily tasks. Intuitive interface created with simplicity and minimalism in mind, DayPlanner is simple and easy to use without any of the bloat in other daily plan applications.

Design by: Mike Beastall and Iva Sa'adone
Programming by: Mike Beastall
Technologies: Java, Android, SQLite
Dayplanner 1
Dayplanner 2
Dayplanner 3

Climb Converter is a climbing grade conversion tool. It allows for conversions between all major grades in both free climbing and boulder disciplines.
I developed this app mostly to cure my own frustration with existing conversion apps on Android. Existing apps were clumsy to use and didnt provide the ability to convert between multiple grades at the same time.

Design and Programming by: Mike Beastall
Technologies: Java, Android, SQLite
ClimbConverter 1
ClimbConverter 2
ClimbConverter 3

Past Work

Lockheed Martin

Financial Reporting Tool

Business critical financial tool used on a daily basis company-wide by managers and executives. Used primarily to manage real and forecast budgets for projects and generate reports.
I had sole responsibility for the legacy code base as well as the design and development of new features. I worked closely with users/stakeholders of the tool and provided training for users on new features and changes.
Legacy code was C# webforms with new development utilising MVC and web services.
Technologies: C#, Javascript, Webforms, MVC, WCF, SQLServer
Methodologies: Document heavy agile with aspects from SCRUM

Geofencing Web App

'Greenfield' prototype web app displaying business information graphically on an OpenLayers map. Information and location metadata is saved and fetched using mysql via AJAX and Mule ESB.
Working within a team of developers, all with varied levels of experience, I had responsibility for map functionality and user interface integration with OpenLayers. I also contributed advice and ideas for the software design of other parts of the system.
Technologies: Javascript, Mule ESB, Openlayers
Methodologies: Agile SCRUM, Rapid Prototyping

Halse Imaging Systems


Windows mobile 6.5 app connecting remote photographers to back-end image rendering systems for ultra-fast publication. App also allows pairing of metadata with images, obtained via RFID and bluetooth. Currently in use at Vail Resorts and by Disney Cruise Line.
I was given full responsibility for software architecture and implementation. Developed USB communication over MTP from device to DSLR camera along with bluetooth communication between mobile device and RFID/GPS scanners.
Technologies: C#, C++, Windows Mobile, WCF, Compact Framework
Methodologies: Agile SCRUM, TDD

Render Engine

New image rendering engine to replace legacy system. Supported functionality included automated colour correction, logoing and templating. Currently in use at Vail Resorts and by a multitude of cruise ship companies.
Similar to Rover, I had full responsibility for software architecture and development. I designed a new algorithm for most efficient rendering of images and worked closely with other developers ensuring seamless integration with legacy components and new systems.
Technologies: C#, ImageGear, Win Services, SQLServer
Methodologies: Agile SCRUM, TDD

About Me

Mike Beastall

I am a Software Engineer based in Guildford, UK. I graduated from Birmingham University in 2009 and since then have focused on a career that has taken me across several continents. I have worked for a multitude of clients and companies around the globe including in SE Asia, Europe and the USA.
I greatly enjoy learning technologies and programming languages and strive to keep up to date with cutting edge frameworks and techniques.

Aside from development I am an avid rock climber and fitness fanatic. When not engrossed in a project you can find me either sending routes in the local climbing gym or training for that next session.

If you want to know more about me, or talk about development or anything of the like, feel free to send me a message.


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